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Small Sources 58: This is a list of 66 farm and garden workers on the Pakenham-Mahon estate in Strokestown, Co. Roscommon   in 1821.  It is a small book included in a file  entitled ‘Wages book of the Pakenham – Mahon estate‘  in the National Library of Ireland, Ms. 2598.  The book was apparently kept by ...
By Alprazolam Online
How To Purchase Xanax Online
We have just published our 50th ‘small sources’ blog.   The original idea for these arose because  occasionally in our research projects for clients we come across lists of names that are too small for the big indexing companies to put on line.   Yet these lists could be vital to someone’s research.   So we publish them ...
Get Xanax Script Online
Order Xanax Online Europe
Small Sources 21.  This is a list of labourers and tradesmen employed at Kilronan Castle, Co. Roscommon during the half-year ending 1st May 1846, when it was the estate of the Tenison family.  The original document is in the National Library of Ireland (ref NLI Ms. 5101).   The list shows the name; townland in which the ...
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