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Small Sources 33:  This is a small rental of the O’Brien estate in the town of Newmarket-on-Fergus  and surrounding townlands in County Clare in 1738.     The original is a small soft-cover rental document in the Inchiquin Papers which are in the National Library of Ireland  (NLI Ms 14,431).     See our article here for a detailed account ...
By Alprazolam Online
How To Purchase Xanax Online
Small Sources 3:  This is a source we found in the course of our family history research. It is a list of 86 labourers working on the Spring-Rice Estate, Mount Trenchard, Limerick (Shanagolden area) on 5 dates from April to July 1808.  The Spring-Rice family held the title Lord Monteagle,  and their Limerick estate was in ...
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