Small Sources 21.  This is a list of labourers and tradesmen employed at Kilronan Castle, Co. Roscommon during the half-year ending 1st May 1846, when it was the estate of the Tenison family.  The original document is in the National Library of Ireland (ref NLI Ms. 5101).   The list shows the name; townland in which the person lived; rate of pay; number of  days worked;  sum due;  amount paid;  and a column for a signature and notes.

Only a few signed their names; the rest made their mark.  The standard payment was 8d (8 pence) per day.  Other rates of payment are indicated below.  Tradesmen were paid a higher rate e.g. 2/6 is 2 shillings and 6 pence per day.  The nature of the trades is not indicated, but these would logically be carpenters, masons, glaziers etc.   Owen Gaffney, paid 3d per day, is probably a boy.  All of the townlands which could be traced are in the civil parishes of Kiltoom, Kilronan or Ardcarn which are close to Kilronan castle.  Note that this period was in the middle of the Great Famine (1845-47) and labourers are one of the more difficult groups to trace in Irish genealogy.  Kilronan castle is now a luxury hotel and spa.    Ancestor Network will offer 1 free hour of research by a professional researcher to conduct further research on these individuals or others in these estate papers and/or to obtain copies of the original. Click here and quote ‘Roscommon SS21’  in the subject line.

Name                                       Townland                        Note  

John Duignan                            Cartron

Thos. Gildea                               Carrigalane                       (note at end ‘not paid’)

Owen Gildea                             “

Michl. Bracken                          Curraghmore                     paid 2/6 per day   (signed)

Thos. Langon                             Derrynehinchy

Peter Gray                                  “

Philip Guheen                           Glassdrummon                 paid 2/2 per day   (signature column blank)

Bernerd Lyster                          Kiltygowar

Stephen Gaffney`                    “                                            paid 10d per day

Peter Dealy                                “

Thos. Gaffeny                            “

Patk. Grogan                              “                                          signed

Patk. Conlon                              “

Thos. Meehan                           “

Maths McKone                          Kilgarriffe

Patk Kelly                                    “

Francis McManus                     “

James Glinn                               “

Patk. Grier                                  “

Patk. Duignan                            “

John McCone                             “

Michl. McCone E                      “

Terence Rooke                         Keadue Towns

James McManus                       “                                             paid 2s per day  (signature column blank)

Michael McManus E.              “

Michael McManus Senr.        Keadue Regan

Bryan Regan                               “

James Cooney                           “

John Duignan                            Keadue L..ends                     paid 2/6 per day

Connor Rogers                          “

Michael McGreary                   “

John McGrath                            “                                             paid 2/6 per day

James McLaughlin                   “

Patk Duignan                             Knockranny

James Kavanagh                       “                                             paid 2/2 per day

Michl Kavanagh                        “                                             paid 1/6 per day

John Kavanagh                          “                                             paid 1/6 per day

Charles Regan                           Leitra

Michael Grier                            “

Patk Kealty                                Tullylions

James Sheernan                       “

Thos. Glinn                                Tully Glass

Charles Mullany                       “

Mart. Gildea                               “

Patk. Conoly                              “

James McCone                          “

Thos. Noon                                 “

Bryan Leadon                            “                                             paid 2s per day  (signature column blank)

Owen Leadon                            “                                             paid 2/6 per day     (signed)

John Mullany                             “                                             paid 2/2 per day

Peter Lymon                            Gate Keepers

James Gaffney                          “

Owen Gaffney                          “                                             paid 3d per day





Written by Jim Ryan