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Small Sources 29.   This list shows Labourers on the Doneraile Estate in Cork in 1839/40. It includes 21 men, 2 boys and 1 woman.    The names were extracted from a document among the Doneraile Papers  in the National Library of Ireland entitled “Workmen’s accounts book, 18 May 1839 -25 Apr. 1840”  (Ms. 19,726) which shows the ...
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The relative shortage of Irish sources makes every record linking a name to a place useful. One of the obscure sources which can be used are the Grand Jury Presentments. Grand Juries were the forerunners of the modern County Councils. They were a panel of major landowners established in each county to make decisions on ...
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Small Sources 28:  This little list of 14 labourers working on the farm of the Hart family of Kilderry House, near Muff, Co. Donegal in 1758 and 1759 is in the National Library of Ireland  Ms. 7885. It is interesting for several reasons, not least being that Donegal records are rare, particularly for the 18th ...
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Small Sources.   This rental of 63 tenants in the Dingle area of County Kerry is in the Trant Papers in the National Library of Ireland collection.   Further information on rentals is available in our article on rentals and their significance for family history.  The Trant family were originally from this area of Co. Kerry but moved in the ...
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Small Sources 26.  Evidence of women in Irish genealogical sources is unfortunately sparse, and those that do occur are often listed only as e.g. ‘Widow Murphy’. We list here 83 women receiving payments in 1827 for spinning and weaving of flax. The documents are in the  Bessborough papers in the National Library of Ireland Ms ...
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Small Sources 25: This list shows 26 residents of the townland of Tourin, (in the Civil parish of Lismore and Mocollop, Co. Waterford ) in 1841. The list is on a single loose page among papers of the Devonshire Estate, which are in the National Library of Ireland (Ms. 43,781/ 3).    The legend to ...
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Small Sources 24. This small list shows 30 Labourers on the Devonshire Estate, Lismore, Co. Waterford in 1850. Lists of workmen are useful as they tend to be difficult to find in the records. The names were extracted from several documents in the a file of accounts of the Devonshire Estate in the National Library ...
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The National Genealogical Society Quarterly recently published a review of our title ‘Finding your Ancestors in Kerry‘  by Kay Caball.  The review,  by Fiona Fitzsimons of Eneclann,  kindly declares the book to be  “..essential reading for any genealogist or family historian whose research focuses on (Kerry)…” and also goes on to say that  ” This book, friendly ...
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Small Sources 23:    This is a list of 79 tradesmen in Waterford  compiled  sometime between 1826 and 1847. It is in a file of documents in the National Library of Ireland (Ms. 15,028 (9))  entitled “Several hundred documents – petitions, resolutions, bills, lists of voters, etc., – in the Waterford election of .. 1826, the Tipperary ...
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Small Source 22: This list shows 59 residents of the village of Ballyporeen (Civil parish of Templetenny, Co. Tipperary) in 1840. They were tenants of the Kingston Estate and the original rental ledger is in the National Library of Ireland (Ms. 3276). The ledger gives no information other than stating that these were tenants in ...
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