The Story of the Irish
The Story of the Irish hosted a wonderful event on Thursday last to share the cinematic experience that it is with other groups in the entertainment/tourism industry. It was a fun evening of traditional music, good food and drinks and of course the opportunity to visit the museum and sample the experience.
The museum is in Haymarket at Smithfield. It consists of a live presentation combined with recorded presentations, it is quite theatrical and very engaging. It is a wonderful overview of Irish history, starting from just after the Ice Age to present day. In his introduction Frank Fitzpatrick the director spoke about a conversation he had with his father where his father explained to him that the rebels of 1916 had no idea that Independence would be achieved. The Rebels were motivated by “the spirit of the Irish.” It is the expression of this spirit that Frank set about achieving in the Story of the Irish experience.
What really struck me was that I have always looked at the events in 1916 as being part of a sequence of events, forgetting that the rebels were really stepping into the unknown. Another thing that is fantastic about the experience is that the evolution of Ireland from its beginning is represented, not just our colonial and post-colonial history. Even though colonisation is well and poignantly represented, it is in the overall context of Irish History. You come away with a good feeling that the human spirit as it arose in Hibernia endured many challenges and continues to do so. It is a powerful experience!
Thanks from Ancestor Network to the Story of the Irish team for an excellent reception and showing at your Industry Night – Visitors came from Ancestor Network, O’Shea’s Merchant, Failte Ireland, the National Leprechaun Museum, several tour companies, and many others.

Thanks to Frank Fitzpatrick, the Managing Director, for providing a welcoming and thought-provoking talk about the genesis of the Story of the Irish. Karen Doyle, Marketing, did a fabulous job of inviting industry guests from tourism, genealogy, transportation, pubs and restaurants, and Tourism Ireland.

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